Setsuko Fukushima

'Tiny things only once.... to breathe in the light'
Video / Drawings / Book


Observation is my identity It is my daily routine to take photos every day. What my eye meets and what I find changes from moment to moment.
Observing how a new story germinates in the cut-out landscape.
The story is my identity.

Each piece is small. (For example 16x12cm, 15x15cm). This size, which can be carried on one hand, represents everyday life in my sense.

Shape and Material
Video / Drawings / Book

Concept - Example

Born Tokyo, Japan. Studied art at the Musashino Academy of Fine Arts.
Since 1983 in Germany

Solo exhibitions (selection)
1999 "Paper Dimension" Suermond-Ludwig-Museum Aachen, Aachen
2000 "Seeds of Book" Kunstverein Emmerich, Emmerich
2001 "Code Book" Gallery Konrad Mönter KG, Meerbusch-Osterath
2001 "View Angle" with Nicole Preusse, Flottmannhallen, Herne
2004 "It germinates new history" Museum Buxtehude
2004 "Cocoon" Municipal Gallery Remscheid
2008 "Hidden Structures" Gallery Konrad Mönter KG, Meerbusch-Osterath
2010 "Alternative Botany" KUBA International, Nettersheim
2014 "Ge-Schichten" Space for Art Baas & Rowerder,
2016 "Labotanika" Gallery Konrad Mönter KG, Meerbusch-Osterath
2017 "Adhäsion" with Lotte Füllgrabe-Pütz in Städtische Galerie im Schlosspark Strünkede
2019 Museum Mitsuko Castle, Todendorf 2020 "AM SUN , RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM , Düsseldorf
2021 "HIDDEN _ Messages , RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM , Düsseldorf Group exhibition (selection)
1992 "Art Contact East-West", House of Art, St Petersburg and Moscow/Russia
2003 "Small but..." Museum Bochum, Bochum 2004 "Global-Souveniers" Museum for European Garden Art, Düsseldorf
2006 "Malaga Invita" Malaga, Spain
2009 "Great Dujardin" Krefeld, Germany
2012 "Wortgewand" Municipal Gallery Haus Seel,Siegen
2012 "Naturally Nature? Paralipomenta", exhibition house Spoerri, Vienna
2012 "Wortgewand " Art Museum Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen
2013 "Wortgewand" Museum Beckum, Beckum
2014 "Krefeld Artists FROM THE ATELIERS" Krefelder Kunstverein
2017 "Secret Paper"
2017 "Burgau Castle, Düren
2019 "Boxes & Cubs Vol.1" , Raum für Raum , Düsseldorf
2019 "Yugen", Mitsuko Castle Museum, Todendorf.

Works in public possession:
Art and Museum Library of the City of Cologne
Cultural Office of the City of Neuss, Germany
Foundation Art in Clemans-Sels-Museum, Germany
New York Public Library, USA
National Art Library - Victoria and Albert Museum, England
Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Bibliothèque Municipale Thionville, France
klingspor museum offenbach, Germany
Emschertal Museum, Herne
Germany Art and Museum Library, Cologne, Germany

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Selection of exemplary works

RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM Concept by Rainer Junghanns