Omar Rosales

‘Flowers for life and death’
Digital print on photographic paper


In all society’s flowers have different meanings. Among the multiple meanings there are two that are always present: the celebration of a birth and the condolences of death. When a baby is born its friends and relatives offer flowers to the family as a symbol of celebration, life and good wishes. When a person dies, friends and family offer flowers to the family as an offering and mourning.

Flowers symbolize both the beginning and the end, festivity and mourning, they bring with them duality as well as Yin and Yang, the symbol of universal balance. Pandemics, wars, peace, life and death are present in our society today in a chaotic way. The stoic flowers await the meaning we give them.

In the case of Mexico, the flower market "Jamaica" is a place to sell flowers for parties, births and deaths and faithfully represent the identity of Mexicans where we mix life and death and sometimes, we do not know if it is celebration or mourning. The photographs of the flowers are from the "Jamaica" market in Mexico.

The voice of the curator:
'Transience' I met Omar Rosales in Mexico City in February. He is a fascinating person, gallery owner, art project maker and basically brings Japanese culture to Mexico. He's a game changer, has lived in     
Japan and has a PhD, and it's not for nothing that his gallery is called HASHI. The blurriness of the flower photos blurs our knowledge that the last begins with the beginning. It makes it more bearable.... the 'inevitable'.

Short Biography
Dr. Omar Rosales (Mexico City, 1976)
He has a PhD in Japanese art with a specialization in sculpture from Hiroshima City University (2017), two master's degrees, one from the Academy of San Carlos (2004) and another from Hiroshima City University (2014). He received the Monbukagakusho scholarship from the government of Japan for Graduate studies from 2010 to 2017. He received support from The Japan-Korea cultural foundation for an artist residency in Seoul Korea in 2012.

He has presented his work in different Museums and Galleries in Mexico, Japan, Korea, Thailand, USA, El Salvador, Belgium and Switzerland. Since 2018 he is director of Hashi Gallery, the first Mexican gallery specialized in Japanese art. He was a recipient of a financial grant from the pollock Krasner Foundation in New York from 2018 to 2019.

He is a Professor of art in México City

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