Miryeon Kim / Son Youngdeuk

‘Shadow of a Fog’
3D VR-animation, variable size, 2022


The artist pays attention to the narrative of her family and builds a story from how memories of division affect individuals and groups politically, psychologically and subconsciously. Her grandfather who defected to North Korea for the safety of his younger brother had a wife and a little child. The memory that her father, who was that little child, had on her grandfather was inevitably subjective and emotional and, when interviewing her father, the artist was able to get a glimpse into his political unconsciousness (fear of ideology) and psychological elements (resentment, hope) at the same time. The artist turned the memories and scenes attested by her father as well as their traces into a 3D virtual world. This is designed for the audience to engage in a relived experience of another person's memories and events through his or her voice.

The artist searches for the origin of extreme patriotic conservatism including McCarthyism and witch-hunts in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region in the political unconsciousness of her parents’ generation over the course of modern history. Objects and matter floating as fragmented images in our memories are like the symbols in which the post-war trauma of ideologies and hopeꠓseeking sentiments collide. The audience exploring the virtual space will be able to either feel human empathy from someone else's unstable world of unconsciousness or have new questions about ambivalent sentiments or experiences and the tragedy of humans.

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