Melanie Balsam Parasole

Postcards from home / Video documented room installation


Idea of my work:
Postcards from home / Video documented room installation

The installation "Postcards from home" tells of the human need to locate oneself in this world and to feel at home.

About taking space, about creating a place for oneself. A place of retreat, a home. To be alone, to dream, to find peace, to think, to cry, to do nothing, to not have to explain oneself, to separate oneself. Or also to invite people into this space, to share it. To create the space as a component of one's own identity.

This place can be real, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes it only exists in myself as an imagination, an idea of such a place.
The stylised pink house represents this idea.
And this possibility is all the more significant when people are confronted with situations in which it is not possible to get to a real place of one's own.

Shape and Material
Projection or Screen, Drawings


Melanie Balsam-Parasole *1974 in Böblingen, Germany

2003-2009 Studied free art at the fadbk/HBK, Essen, master student of Prof. Stephan Paul Schneider and Prof. Wolfgang Hambrecht
2016 Artist in Residence, Atina, Italy Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions at home and abroad (selection)
2013 FARB/RAUM _ OBJEKT/RAUM ]Schleuse 16[ - Forum for experimental works, Art Association for the City and District of Böblingen
2015 ABSTRACT STRATEGIES Mirta Demare International Visual Art, Rotterdam VEREIN FÜR AKTUELLE KUNST / RUHRGEBIET e.V. Altenberg Centre, Oberhausen
2016 YOUR SQUARE IS MY CIRCLE YOUR CIRCLE IS MY SQUARE Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg
2017 RISING LIGHT, Streitfeld project space, Munich
2018 THE FLYING FIELD, Gallery CLB at Aufbauhaus, Berlin
2019 CUBES & BOXES RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM, Düsseldorf lives and works in Essen

Selection of exemplary works

RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM Concept by Rainer Junghanns