maho maeda



Idea of my work
I collage pieces of Kimono and clothes and paint on a thin cloth.

Shape and Material
The work (thin cloth) will be hanged. The materials are thin cloth, scraps of Kimono and clothes, paints, ink etc.

I haven't lived in my homeland Japan for 20 years. If I don't live with the consciousness that I'm Japanese, I am sometimes afraid of feeling like my identity will disappear.
Where did I come from?
Where am I going to fly?
Where am I going to land?
I want to leave the trajectory of my existence in my work.

maho maeda was born in Hyogo, Japan.
Living and working in Mexico City

Art Education: M.A.(1998) and B.S.(1996) in Fine Arts, painting at the Kyoto City University of Arts in Japan. Royal College of Art by the award of an exchange program in London, England (1996). "Akademiebrief (2008)" "Meisterschülerin"(2007) by David Rabinowitch at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany.

Solo Exhibitions
2022 RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM
2019 Casa Mariscal in Mexico City / Niepel bei Morawitz Gallery in Düssedorf Germany
2015 & 2011 Niepel bei Morawitz Gallery in Düssedorf Germany
2012 Cornelia Kamp Gallery in Sylt Germany
2006 Nicols Gallery in Düssedorf Germany
1999 Gallery Haku, Gallery VEGA in Osaka Japan
1997 Gallery 16 in Kyoto Japan

Participated in many group exhibitions around the world, like Sweden, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, China and Japan. Prize & fellowship: 1st prize in the “Mediaan art award” Germany (2008) /1st prize in “15º Kö Galerie art award” Germany (2005) / Suda Prize in the “Kyoten” Japan (2000) / Dosokai syoreii Award in the Kyoto City University of Art, Japan (1996) etc. Scholarships: The Japanese Government Artist-in-Residence Program (2006-07) / The POLA ART FOUNDATION in Japan (2004-05).

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Selection of exemplary works

RAUM _ fuer _ RAUM Concept by Rainer Junghanns