June Pak

‘NAME Project’


My personal experience informs my creative research of being a Korean-Canadian living in Canada. It is my interest to research non-binary process and methods that can represent the complexity of the lives of the racialized. The societal operation of visual representation of persons of colour often works within stereotypical and one-dimensional realms. I criticize this limited and colonial representation of the racialized. Instead, I search for various and more comprehensive ways to demonstrate the complicated lives of the marginalized and the racialized.

Through my work, I analyze the visual representation of the invisible aspects that are often overlooked due to their mundaneness such as everyday stories and habits that are personal. The current work, the Name Project, is an example of how I approach visualization of a personal journey of (re)defining identity through oral storytelling.

It is a series of short stories on names. These stories are empowering, heartfelt, and witty. The participants come from a wide range of backgrounds: immigrants who adopt a different name, immigrants who refuse to change their name, artists with pseudonyms, etc

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