Choe Ra Yun

‘Woori Sai_BANG Project’
Kang Seok Chae, UNITY coding and VR Chat


The project started with a mother knocking on her son's room who wanted to talk to him who loves to play games. Mother and son live together, but they live in a different world. There's a surprising number of ways of isolation going on in a small house. There are spatial isolation of rooms and rooms, real and virtual isolation, and isolation due to lack of dialogue and different ways of communication. On the surface, it turns out that the conversation is just interrupted, but as we go on with this project, we find ourselves different from the dictionary meaning of the word that defines the things around us.

Before creating a virtual room, the key point is that you don't have a body. Since there is no body, the elements of the room and the type and use of things in it are different. For example, we don't need a bed to lie on. But if you want an image of a cozy rest, you can put a bed. It doesn't have to fit my body size, and it doesn't have to be a comfortable ergonomic structure.

In the virtual world, the absence of a body "when you meet someone else" created a very different response and created a new form of meeting. In the real world, they shake hands with their hands or express their welcome with an emotional eye greeting. When you meet a person in a virtual world, you go to the mirror and check the 'visual image of meeting' with each other. Now this has become a natural promise from a lack of touch and expression.

In creating a child's room, 'meeting and playing' in a virtual space is an important factor. What kind of fun are children attracted to virtual space now? What else can the pleasure of eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, and enjoying based on the senses of the body be replaced with in virtual space? What is left and how is it transformed, what is missing and emerging?

Again today, the mother asks the child a question. ' What are you guys doing there? ’

Project Result
Create a Seokchae´s room in VR Chat

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